Is Deep Conditioning Important?

From my experience, deep conditioning my daughter’s back length 4c hair, for example, has helped prevent breakage and maintain moisture. Hair professionals and educators emphasize that regular deep-conditioning prevents hair damage such as split ends, restores natural shine, softens hair, strengthens the hair shaft, and moisturizes strands. The challenging part of all this that I experienced was finding what deep conditioning product worked best for our Type 4 hair. It was trial and error, but reading the labels, doing my research and picking the top three products, eventually worked out.

This elimination process was easy because I did not have to invest in tons of products that might not work and sit in the cabinet. Ultimately, maintaining a healthy diet, keeping up with wash days, regularly deep conditioning, scalp massages, trims, using a water based moisturizer, and sealing with 4 All Coils scalp oil Udoraah (hair strengthener & follicle stimulator for growth); has proven excellent results and tremendous growth of my daughter’s hair. Her hair measured from 12 inches to 14 inches within 2 months. What are your thoughts about deep conditioning?

Let’s break this stigma together! -4 All Coils

Photo Credit: AnnaliseArt, Pixabay, License CC Public Domain