Family Hair Care-How Often Are Your Hair Wash Days?

Everyone’s hair washing regiment is different from the next person. We tend to do what works for our hair. For me, I must wash my 4C hair every four to five days max. My husband washes his Type 3 hair every day. My children’s wash days for their 4A, 4B, & 4C hair are every four days as well. This regiment is what works best for our hair and scalp.

For the most part, I have seen the difference if my family and I do not maintain our hair wash days. Our experiences would vary- an oily scalp, matted hair, dandruff, buildup, intense itching, and dry & brittle hair. However, so far, so good because we rarely get to this point. On the flip side, I would notice significant growth, natural sheen, healthy and flexible strands.

In addition to using 4 All Coils hair products, we also use moisture-rich shampoos, conditioners, and deep conditioners when needed. Moreover, we maintain haircut appointments; and dust ends as well. It can be tempting to be a product collector, but I discovered that less is best for us. How about your family?

Let’s break this stigma together! -4 All Coils

Photo Credit: Kingofkings_LJ, Pixabay, License CC Public Domain