Make It A Pleasant Experience.

Like some young girls with Type 4 hair, I hated when it was time to do my hair. I would run away and scream in terror. My mother would usually give me cookies to soothe me, but it never worked. There weren’t many natural hair products like today; that would’ve helped my ‘situation.’ It was just an afro pick, heavy hair grease, barrettes, and my back length 4c hair.

I can honestly reflect and say that getting my hair done as a child was a miserable experience. Not that my mother was deliberately trying to make it an awful experience, but looking back, she lacked products and techniques to do my hair. Thus, I got my first perm at seven years old to make handling my hair easier which was worse. Now that I am a mother to three children with Type 4 hair, I make every effort to make the hairdressing process a pleasant experience and an awesome bonding moment.

Not only do I maintain a hair schedule to prepare my children and build a routine, but I also make it a fun event where we can laugh, talk, and learn about our hair. I even do this for myself when I am getting my hair done. I either create a pleasant atmosphere with my stylist or, if I am doing my hair myself, I play my favorite jam, which helps lighten the task at hand. Our hair is beautiful in every way. Getting our hair done should be just as wonderful so let’s make it a pleasant experience 🙂

Let’s break this stigma together! -4 All Coils